Discover with us an astonishing way to spend one day visiting Epirus in an unforgettable safari.

The Jeep Safari is the driving of 4×4 vehicles on forest trails with the necessary accompaniment of professional drivers.

The mountains of Epirus are a great opportunity for those who like adventure and off-road driving. We drive through the north western side of Epirus: Thesprotia or Ioannina mountains, a range wih many peaks.

The river crossing, the routes on the forest roads, the visits at very old monasteries, fortresses and old uninhibited villages, the herb collection (mountain tea, oregano, sage chamomile and mushrooms, depends on the season) are some of the attractions. A variety of routes in lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes provide a unique experience in a place where the mountain meets the sea, the story of the legend and the culture with tradition.


SAFARI TOURS ARE FOR ALL AGES WITHOUT LIMITS                                         

We wil pick You up from your hotel or any other place
convenient for You and we will also drive back.
Arrangements can be made for small or large groups.


  • 4×4 Jeeps (Suzuki Jimny) if You choose to drive and You have with You a driver’s license or
  • 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux if You choose to enjoy the tour as a passenger
  • multilingual guides
  • 1 coffee stop and 1 stop for lunch in the courtyard of a Monastery or in a traditional tavern.

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